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There are lawyers and “lawyers”

If you are in need of legal advice, please make sure that the person you select to assist you is a qualified solicitor. There are people out there who style themselves as legal advisors but many of them have no qualifications at all. In a recent case, the High Court ordered an unqualified “legal advisor” to pay £263,759 in damages and over £70,000 in costs following a negligence claim. This person had “assisted” a 70 year old Claimant in a medical negligence claim but left the gentleman without any evidence resulting in him winning only a basic claim but being presented with a five figure bill for costs. The advisor was then successfully sued by his former client and was awarded damages and costs mentioned at the beginning of this piece. He was assisted in doing so by a well known firm of solicitors.

The lesson is, please be sure that the “legal advisors” you engage are properly qualified and insured to do what they offer to do for you.

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