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Tag - Conveyancing

What is wrong with the conveyancing process? Some views.

We have been assisting buyers and sellers of houses for more than 100 years. During that time, the processes have changed out of all recognition. Not many years ago, things moved much more slowly with everything having to be done through the post. Completion was nearly always 28 days after exchange. Now things happen much more rapidly and, despite the best efforts of some solicitors, mostly by email. Completion often takes place on the same day as exchange of contracts and is very rarely as much as 28 days after.

  • Because of the dreaded “chain” your sale and purchase will often only move as fast as the slowest buyer or seller (or solicitor) in the chain and there is often little that can be done about that, although we do try our best. We use all the latest technology and are always trying to be “pro-active” (horrible word!) to try to get things through smoothly and as quickly as possible.
    A recent survey makes interesting reading. The poll of 2002 adults was conducted by VEYO, a conveyancing software company. Its findings include:-
  • The waiting aspect of buying a home is the most stressful part.
  • The conveyancing process takes an average of 11.3 weeks.
  • A quarter of respondents are willing to pay more for a faster service.
  • Dealing with solicitors is a key stress point when buying or selling a house.
  • Just under a third of respondents (29%) felt out of touch during the conveyancing process and just over a third (36%) have very limited knowledge of the process.
  • A third of respondents are considering selling again in the next three years but 42% are either not sure or unlikely to reuse their conveyancer/solicitor.
  • Solicitors dominate conveyancing with 785 of consumers using a solicitor, 11% a licensed conveyancer and the remaining respondents undertaking their own conveyancing.
  • When respondents were asked what single change they would like to see, more opted for a faster, quicker process than for lower costs, fees and stamp duty. With the conveyancing process reported to take almost 12 weeks, 65% of respondents were either willing or undecided as to whether they would pay more for a faster service.

The vast majority of our clients are repeat clients, or members of a family of clients we have acted for before. We hope, therefore, that on the basis people come back to us, we are doing something right. We do our best to work within the system as we find it and are always looking for ways to improve it where we can.
If you would like to talk to us on a no obligation basis about house sale or purchase, or any conveyancing matter, do please get in touch with Daniel Sproull or Julie Rowan on or or 01208 72328.