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Property in Cornwall

According to a report in this week’s Cornish Guardian (, more than 70 homes in Cornwall sold for £1million or more during 2017.  The most expensive property sold was £3.28million.  The average price for a property in the County is £225,612 which is a 6% increase over the previous year.


Although properties of £1million and more are out of reach for most of us, the number sold during 2017 was an increase from the 57 which sold during 2016.  According to the Land Registry, there were 3% more sales of residential houses in 2017 compared to 2016.


It might be interesting to note that the most expensive property sold in 2017 was apartment 1101 in the Knightsbridge Apartments at 199 Knightsbridge in Westminster which fetched a staggering £90million in April 2017!


If you would like to discuss a sale or purchase (at any price!) please contact Julie Rowan at or telephone 01208 72328.

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