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It’s all junk mail, right?

With the increasing use of email and other methods of communication, a lot of the stuff we receive via ordinary post tends to be junk mail.  There are, however, some things that come in the post that really matter including correspondence from the Court.  If somebody, for example, pursues you for a debt and you ignore correspondence from the Court, you are likely to have a County Court Judgment entered against you.  This will have an effect on your credit rating and your ability to obtain a loan or a mortgage, for example.


Over the past four years, the number of County Court Judgments has risen by 59% with more than a million judgments issued in 2016.  Although the Law Society is lobbying for consumers to be alerted of claims by email as well as by post, there is currently no requirement to do so.  A County Court Judgment can remain on your record for many years even if the paperwork was sent to the wrong address.  Some people may think that making sure a creditor does not have their address is an advantage to them, but if a County Court Judgment is entered against you as a result, you may have difficulty in getting rid of it.


Remember, the post still matters!


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