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Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums fall, but at what price?

It has been reported recently that UK car insurance prices have recorded their first year on year fall since 2014.  The average premium in the first three months of 2018 was £768, down by 2% on the same period last year, according to data released by

Behind the average, however, there are huge differences according to the type of driver.  The average male driver aged 17-20 pays £2,348 compared with £1,699 paid by a woman of the same age.

There is speculation as to the reason for the fall in premiums. reports that two reasons may be the changes introduced by the Government to curb the high number of claims for whiplash injuries and possible changes to the technical way in which damages are calculated.

Compensation culture – myth or reality?

There is a very common view that the UK has what has been dubbed a “compensation culture”.  This is usually a code for suggesting that people make spurious claims for compensation as a result of injuries, which results in us all paying higher insurance premiums.

Sure, there will always be dishonest people who will make all sorts of dishonest claims about all sorts of things.  There are, however, very many people who suffer injuries as a result of road traffic accidents, accidents at work and all manner of other misfortunes which were not their fault.  Some injuries are life changing and even life threatening and some, of course, result in death.  There are many more deserving claimants than there are crooks and those who decry the “compensation culture” would do well to remember that and also hope that, one day, they are not in need of compensation themselves.

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