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How we calculate our fees

Our fees are calculated based on a number of different factors including the time that we spend and the value of the property involved.

We provide some services on a fixed fee, as follows: –


Divorce Work

If you are getting divorced and you are the petitioner (the person instigating the procedure), our fee for dealing with a divorce will be £750 plus VAT (£900). You will also have to pay the Court fee which is currently £550. If you are the person who receives the divorce petition, then our fees will be £500 plus VAT (£600) and you do not have to pay the Court fee. These fees do not include work in connection with the division of any assets but only for dealing with the divorce process itself.


For a straightforward Will we charge £150 plus VAT (£180) and for Wills for a couple, which are similar, we charge £250 plus VAT (£300).

We are able to agree fixed or capped fees in other cases, but will need to discuss all options with you. In some cases, we can offer a “no win, no fee” service.

If you would like a fee estimate for any type of work, please contact us via Meet the Teams. If you are unsure who to contact, please contact Julie Rowan or telephone 01208 72328