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Making a Will

Many people are reluctant to make Wills – so much so that only about three in ten of the adult population of this country have done so. For the other 70%, the law decides who will inherit their property. It is a common mistake to think that your husband or wife will “get it all” – often this is not the case. We offer an efficient and value for money will writing service. Our experienced staff will:

  • Explain to you the advantages of making a Will (you decide who gets what, peace of mind, avoiding squabbles, etc.)
  • Tell you what details need to be included
  • Discuss any potential Inheritance Tax problems
  • Produce a draft for you to see
  • Once you are happy, meet you for you to sign the final copy
  • Offer you our free, secure, storage facility.

Our charges for a straightforward Will are £150 + VAT (total £180.00) or £250 + VAT (£300.00) for two similar ones (e.g. husband and wife).
People tend to be reluctant or frightened to make a Will, thinking they are too young or it’s morbid. We find many of our clients are pleased and relieved to get it done!
We can also offer detailed advice in relation to Inheritance Tax, trusts and tax planning.

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