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Debt Advice

Whether you are owed money or being chased for it, legal issues may arise. Debts can arise in so many areas, there are hundreds of issues which can be involved. For instance, if you are being chased:

  • Do you really owe the money?
  • Is the amount correct?
  • Were the goods or services with which you were supplied those that you ordered or up to scratch?
  • Is there a contract anyway? If there is, is it enforceable at law?
  • Are any of the terms of the contract unfair and unenforceable?
  • Are you liable for the loss that is being claimed at all?
  • Can you afford to pay?

If you are chasing a debt:

  • Is the debt legally due and enforceable?
  • Which legal redress would be best?
  • What tactics should be employed?
  • Does the person have any assets anyway?

Often, when you are owed money, the last point above is the most crucial. If the person has no money or assets, then you may have the most watertight case, but may decide not to pursue it if there is nothing to obtain at the end of the case.

Different methods of debt collection

There are various tactics and methods that can be used including:

  • An approach by you after taking our advice asking for payment and pointing out your rights
  • Solicitors’ letter demanding payment
  • Statutory Demand (threatening bankruptcy)
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Court Proceedings followed by, eg seizure of goods by Bailiff.

We will always discuss with you the likely cost involved and the best options for you. To see how we charge click here.

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