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Ex Wife Can Claim – 23 years on

You may well have read of the well-publicised decision of the Supreme Court (the highest court in the UK) that a lady who was divorced from her husband more than 20 years ago can still make a claim to part of the fortune he has earned since their separation. The case was called Wyatt v Vince.

Over the years, we have often had to explain to couples who are splitting up the benefits of having a financial order made by the Court finalising matters between them from a financial point of view. If there is no such order, then either party can come back (as is now clear) at any time in the future and try to claim against the other.

Even if divorcing couples are young, or have little in the way of assets, it is still sensible for a financial order to be made by the Court at the time so that there is a proper “clean break” and each party can move on.

Our family department is able to help with such things. If you are concerned about your own position, either in relation to a current divorce, or one that happened in the past, do please contact either Stuart Hutchison ( or Georgina Bradley ( on 01208 72328

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