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Archive - Probate

Probate fee or another death tax?

November 5th (any significance in this date?) saw the announcement (completely separate from any Budget) of a sharp increase in the fee payable to obtain a Grant of Probate.  The Grant of Probate is essentially a Court Order that allows the executors of a deceased’s Will to deal with their… Read More

How many people actually pay Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance Tax is a hot topic, mainly with people not wanting to pay it, or more accurately not wanting their beneficiaries to pay it after their death.  The great publicity which often surrounds Inheritance Tax is, however, surprising when you consider that only 4% of estates of people who die… Read More

Probate - The Value of Good Advice

Many people deal with probate themselves these days and many people may well do that successfully.  Here’s a salutary warning, however, of the risks associated with not taking professional advice as an Executor when winding up the estate of a deceased.   The recent case of Usher v HMRC concerned the estate… Read More