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Archive - Wills

It's a joint account, but who owns it?

Many people have joint bank accounts and indeed other jointly owned property, it may be a car or a boat, for example.  The biggest thing that people often own jointly, of course, is a house.  Do you have any jointly owned property?  Do you know what happens if your joint… Read More

Is it really my Will?

Much has been written about the recent decision in the well publicised case of Ilot v Mitson. In this case the Court of Appeal awarded the estranged daughter of a lady called Melita Jackson a third of her estate (which in total amounted to £250,000), despite the fact that Mrs… Read More

Things to do this month - No 1: Make a Will

Only one of the following things is always true: I don't need a Will because the wife will get everything anyway I know we are not married, but we have been living together for years and he is "my common law husband" I have given my house away so I will not have… Read More