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Archive - Conveyancing

The Bank of Mum and Dad

You may have read in the press lately (in particular, The Times of 31st August 2019), concerns about defaults on "the Bank of Mum and Dad". Over the years, we have seen many cases of parents kindly helping their children, or sometimes their children and a partner, to acquire a house,… Read More

Property Sales in Cornwall

The latest analysis from the Land Registry has revealed some interesting facts about property sales in Cornwall.   The figures are based on postcodes where there were at least five sales in 2017/2018.  They relate to properties of all sizes so can only provide a general indication, but some of the… Read More

Referral Fees

Since 2004, when the Law Society permitted it, many firms of solicitors have been paying referral fees to estate agents in return for clients being pointed in their direction. Many solicitors have argued that the introduction of referral fees was not in the best interests of clients and could lead to… Read More

House Prices in England

According to the latest figures released by the Land Registry, there is one road in Cornwall where the average house price is more than £1.7million.  More than 60 properties sold for six figure sums in 2018. The most expensive street in Cornwall, according to 2018 figures, is Peden Moran in… Read More

Mortgage approvals at six month low

Gross mortgage lending fell to £21.5 billion in September according to data from the UK Finance.  This is a decrease of 1.2% from last year.  The number of mortgage approvals is down 9.1% on the same time last year.  High street banks did, however, lend more in unsecured consumer credit,… Read More

House Prices

According to Halifax, Britain’s biggest mortgage lender, house prices in London are falling at the fastest rate in nine years.  Prices were down 3.2% between January and March, compared to the previous quarter.  According to this data, this is the sharpest decline since the financial crisis.   Looking around the country, however,… Read More

More House Price Statistics

According to the latest Nationwide House Price Index, UK house price growth accelerated to 3.2% during January.   If you read the property press, you will see all manner of statistics about house prices being up, down, stable, anywhere inbetween! The fact remains that the only time a house sells is when… Read More

Property in Cornwall

According to a report in this week’s Cornish Guardian (, more than 70 homes in Cornwall sold for £1million or more during 2017.  The most expensive property sold was £3.28million.  The average price for a property in the County is £225,612 which is a 6% increase over the previous year.   Although… Read More


According to a recent survey by Lloyds Bank Homemover Reviews, the number of people moving home is at its highest since 2007.  The number of home owners moving house across the UK increased by 2% to an estimated 370,300 in the past year.  The figure is 18% higher than the… Read More

It's a joint account, but who owns it?

Many people have joint bank accounts and indeed other jointly owned property, it may be a car or a boat, for example.  The biggest thing that people often own jointly, of course, is a house.  Do you have any jointly owned property?  Do you know what happens if your joint… Read More

How long does it take to sell the average property?

A recent report tells us that the average seller can expect it to take just over three months to find a buyer for their house.  The period varies across the country.  For example, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, houses spend just 41 and 50 days respectively on the market, whereas in… Read More

House Moves on the Increase

Recent Land Registry data suggests that the property market is bouncing back.  The search company Acumen suggest that solicitors firms processed 254,606 transactions between July and September which is a 21% increase from the four year low recorded between April and June. Sometimes the housing market can seem a bit like… Read More

Are you ready for MEES?

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards coming to force 1st April 2018 LETTING UPDATE – MEES As of 1st April 2018, both domestic (residential) and non-domestic (commercial) properties with an EPC rating of either F or G will not meet the minimum standard required for them to be let lawfully. The onus is, therefore,… Read More

Fraud Threats for Property Transactions

We have all read the headlines recently of cases where someone has been a victim of property fraud.  There are certain things that you can do to protect yourself and your property against this. People may be particularly at risk from fraudulent activity if: - They no longer live in the property They… Read More

Stamp Duty Land Tax

You may have read about the effects on the housing market of the Government’s recent decision to charge an extra 3% Stamp Duty Land Tax to the buyers of second homes.  We now have a few statistics to back that up which you might find interesting.  In March 2016, property… Read More

Recent changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax

The changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax which came into effect on 1st April 2016 were of enormous significance for our property team and, it is fair to say, for most other firms of solicitors across England and Wales dealing with conveyancing.  The volume of transactions completed in the last… Read More

Conveyancing Services

The annual Home Moving Trends survey, carried out by the Property Academy in partnership with TM Group, concludes that the proportion of people selecting their conveyancing on price has fallen to only 1 in 10.  The survey, of 5,400 people who moved in the last year, found that only three… Read More

Selling Your House? Choose Wisely

If you are selling your house, you should choose the solicitor you instruct after careful consideration. You should take into account not only how much they will charge you, but whether you think that they will offer you the quality and level of service that you require. There are all… Read More

Government collects £6.5bn in Stamp Duty Land Tax

During the year 2013/2014 the Government raised a total of £6.5bn from residential Stamp Duty Land Tax. This figure is 31% higher year on year, according to HMRC. The only year in which more was raised was 2007/2008. According to the Financial Times, the rise in SDLT receipts is partly… Read More

What is wrong with the conveyancing process? Some views.

We have been assisting buyers and sellers of houses for more than 100 years. During that time, the processes have changed out of all recognition. Not many years ago, things moved much more slowly with everything having to be done through the post. Completion was nearly always 28 days after… Read More