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But lawyers are expensive, aren’t they?

The answer to this question is, “sometimes”.  You have to balance the upfront cost of paying a solicitor to help you, with the potential consequences of things going wrong if you don’t.  In many cases, it is your choice as to whether or not you use a solicitor to deal with legal matters for you, but in recent times we have seen a number of situations where people did not and probably wish they had!  These include homemade Wills which are not written properly and end up in litigation costing thousands of pounds, unwritten contracts for building work where the responsibilities of each party is in dispute, homemade Business Tenancy Agreements which give the tenant the right to remain in the property forever, an Option Agreement giving a tenant the right to buy business premises in which even the price at which the tenant is to be able to buy is not clear and undocumented business relationships which may or may not be partnerships or something else.


If you need a legal document drawn up, then you should use a solicitor to do it.  Many people think that they can draft legal documents, including, sometimes, other professionals who are not trained to do so.  Solicitors go through six years’ worth of training to qualify and if you have something that is important enough to need a contract or other legal document, the best advice is to get someone who knows what they are doing to help you with it!


Remember that the partnership agreement, contract or lease is very unlikely ever to need to be looked at unless things go wrong.  For that reason alone, it is important that the document itself is right.


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