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Topical articles from our legal teams

Government collects £6.5bn in Stamp Duty Land Tax

During the year 2013/2014 the Government raised a total of £6.5bn from residential Stamp Duty Land Tax. This figure is 31% higher year on year, according to HMRC. The only year in which more was raised was 2007/2008. According to the Financial Times, the rise in SDLT receipts is partly…

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High Court Judge overturns 180 fraudulent divorces

Source Financial Times 1st October 2014 The most senior family Judge in England and Wales, Sir James Munby, has overturned 180 divorce cases obtained by Italians in what he called a "conspiracy to pervert the course of justice on an almost industrial scale." It seems that Italians who wanted to get…

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Selling Your House? Choose Wisely

If you are selling your house, you should choose the solicitor you instruct after careful consideration. You should take into account not only how much they will charge you, but whether you think that they will offer you the quality and level of service that you require. There are all…

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Debt Collection

A recent survey undertaken by BACS showed that 60% of Small to Medium Enterprises are experiencing late payment issues. It also showed that the average SME is owed £38,186 and 1 in 4 said if that amount grew to £50,000, they would face bankruptcy. Less than £12,000 is a narrow…

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England and Wales - Capital and Maintenance on Divorce

There is no matrimonial property regime in England and Wales. On divorce, the parties have to make full disclosure of all their assets, wherever and however held. Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (as amended) lists “matters to which the court is to have regard in deciding how…

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