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Topical articles from our legal teams

Keeping on top of your debt

According to a recent survey by Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking Business in Britain, British SMEs are owed more than £500bn in outstanding invoices which represents an increase in more than 70% over the last two years.   The survey suggests that the problem is only likely to get worse during 2016 with…

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Conveyancing Services

The annual Home Moving Trends survey, carried out by the Property Academy in partnership with TM Group, concludes that the proportion of people selecting their conveyancing on price has fallen to only 1 in 10.  The survey, of 5,400 people who moved in the last year, found that only three…

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Is it really my Will?

Much has been written about the recent decision in the well publicised case of Ilot v Mitson. In this case the Court of Appeal awarded the estranged daughter of a lady called Melita Jackson a third of her estate (which in total amounted to £250,000), despite the fact that Mrs…

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There are many different types of businesses in the world and many of them are represented here. Most businesses are keen to get on with running their business and do not want to have to worry about what might generally be considered “paperwork”. Quite often, if a business (or those…

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Ex Wife Can Claim - 23 years on

You may well have read of the well-publicised decision of the Supreme Court (the highest court in the UK) that a lady who was divorced from her husband more than 20 years ago can still make a claim to part of the fortune he has earned since their separation. The…

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