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Topical articles from our legal teams

England and Wales - Capital and Maintenance on Divorce

There is no matrimonial property regime in England and Wales. On divorce, the parties have to make full disclosure of all their assets, wherever and however held. Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (as amended) lists “matters to which the court is to have regard in deciding how…

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Will the Pension Reforms affect the Property Market?

Many of you will have heard about the 2014 Budget in which the Chancellor announced that Britain's over 55s will no longer have to purchase an annuity with their pension pots.  Suggestions are being made that this may result in an influx of significant sums of money into the property…

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Here is a selection of recent comments made by some of our clients: - "Having been in receipt of our Wills, thank you to your staff Mr Ovey and secretary at Wadebridge.  It is good, in our case, that you have a branch there" "I would like to take this opportunity to…

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Things to do this month - No 1: Make a Will

Only one of the following things is always true: I don't need a Will because the wife will get everything anyway I know we are not married, but we have been living together for years and he is "my common law husband" I have given my house away so I will not have…

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The Myth of the Compensation Culture

The popular press paints somebody who makes a claim for damages as a result of an accident as a scrounger out to get that to which they are somehow not entitled and as a burden on the insurance industry.  It is also suggested that Britain now has a “compensation culture”,…

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