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Are you ready for MEES?

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards coming to force 1st April 2018


As of 1st April 2018, both domestic (residential) and non-domestic (commercial) properties with an EPC rating of either F or G will not meet the minimum standard required for them to be let lawfully. The onus is, therefore, on the landlords to ensure that their properties meet a standard of at least an E, before granting renewing or extending a new lease.


EPC restrictions on letting

Properties with an EPC of F or G will be deemed to be substandard and new lettings will therefore
be prohibited, other than where one or more exemptions apply. If a landlord newly lets or renews an existing tenancy without ensuring the property is an E or above, they will be in breach of the regulations and civil penalties will be incurred.


Failure to comply

The regulations are to be enforced by Local Weights and Measures Authorities, who will be given powers to serve civil penalties. Breaches of up to 3 months will incur a £2,000 fine and breaches over 3 months will incur a £4,000 fine.

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