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Are you a Director of a Company?

Currently all Company Directors have to provide a residential address and a service address which appears on the Public Register at Companies House.  The only way of avoiding your residential address being on the public record is to satisfy Companies House that there is a serious risk of violence or intimidation.


The position is now being changed so that Directors will be able to request that their residential addresses are replaced with an alternative address.   This will be able to be done via an online form to have the residential address removed without any justification or evidence.    If you would like to arrange to have your residential address removed, please log onto the Companies House website.


Do you maintain a visitors’ book?


Many offices and other business premises have a visitors’ book which people are required to fill in sometimes then having a name badge or something similar to carry around with them while visiting.   If visitors to a building have their details recorded and retained for security purposes when they sign in, under the new GDPR rules, they will need to be informed of the organisation that is collecting the data, why it is being collected and what is to be done with it including if it will be shared with other organisations.    Those people would also need to be given access to the data controller’s full privacy policy and it goes without saying that the data controller (usually the owner or occupier of the office) would have to be registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner.

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